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Did you know that McDuffs don’t just brew beer? We also make a surprisingly punchy ginger beer.


Welcome to McDuffs Brewery


McDuffs Brewery is located in the heart of Dunedin’s campus precinct at 695 Great King Street, Dunedin. We’ve been brewing fine ales since the early days of boutique brewing in the Octagon in the ‘80’s. During that time we have perfected our craft and now offer a full range of beers from lagers to dark brews. We also have an old-fashioned alcoholic Ginger Beer and the legendary Icebreaker, our tasty alcoholic lemonade.

At the McDuffs Brewery Shop all of our beers are available on tap so you can fill your own rigger, or we sell handy 6 packs so you can be the envy of your mates.

We supply kegs in 25ltr and 50ltr sizes and our prices are not only amongst the best in town but we also only charge one bond fee, no matter how many kegs you purchase.

Call into our Brewery Shop today and try a McDuffs for yourself or give us a call and we can have a keg at your place within mere hours.

We Love Beer

If you haven't sampled the whole range yet come in for a taste at the brewery or grab a mixed 6-pack.

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McDuffs Pilsner is a new brew with a golden colour and has a nice balance of medium to high hop. We use a blend of Nelson hops and Canterbury malts which produces a nicely balanced lager.

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Icebreaker Alcoholic Lemonade

Did you know we craft a surprisingly punchy lemonade at McDuffs? Ideal for summer barbecues.

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Ph (03) 477 7276

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